6 security tips to make your retail store more secure

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6 security tips to make your retail store more secure

Managing a retail store can be quite a risky proposition in more than one way. Firstly, you should invest thousands of rands to set up a decent outlet. Another challenge will be the risk associated with competition. Also, ensuring the safety of your retail store is another big task you need to take care of. Amongst all the different things you need to take care of, installing the right surveillance system isn’t longer just a choice, it has become a necessity. And it’s important to choose the right security cameras.

Security is one thing many don’t think about until something goes wrong. Only then it unceremoniously catapults to the top of your “to-do” list. But once that happens, the damage has already been done and you can’t turn time back. Stores are primary targets for attempted burglary, especially during the night hours when the store is unlit and vacant. While you insure your business to safeguard it from the unthinkable, there are many other measures you can take to keep your retail store as safe as possible. Here are a few of them.


Be alert and aware

You should be aware and alert at all times. That way you can ensure the store remains safe and secure at all points of time. You might need a bit of training and practice with this. It’s especially needed when you’re opening and closing the shop. It’s important that you’re doubly careful. And whenever new stocks arrive, tell your employees to be extra careful as well. You shouldn’t stock small and expensive merchandise which shoplifters can easily hide and walk away with. You’ll end up losing a lot of money.


Do you know how to spot a shoplifter?

Installing the right kind of electronic devices, including security cameras and perhaps a video wall controller, can make a difference to safety and security in your store. Although you have all this equipment, it’s still important to be able to identify a shoplifter. There are specific behavioural trends shoplifters show that might help your employees to become alert and agile. You can spot when a shoplifter is tensed up or nervous. They usually loiter around and also stare at customers and employees. Shoplifters will likely try to be present in areas which are difficult to track.


Be present with the customer

Many customers don’t like it when a salesperson is following them in a shop. Therefore it’s important to train your employees to be with the customers without making them feel suffocated or uneasy. And it’s important to make sure your employees are genuinely there to assist the customers. That way you can help keep at bay the people who aren’t really customers but might look for things to steal. Following customers in your store without them noticing is an art which should be mastered by your employees.


Increase visibility

You should increase the visibility of all your merchandise. It’ll help you keep an eye on the stock and inventory which is up for sale. Having a few mirrors and avoiding blind corners are also likely to help you reduce the instances of theft and burglary. It’s also best to keep taller display closer to the perimeter and shorter ones near the cash register. That can help a lot in better monitoring the store. It’ll also make sense to keep your shop more neat and tidy. It’s likely to help your employees find out if something is wrong and they can identify any lost items easily.


Get the right locks

It’s important to protect your store with locks. But you should look at the locks that are right for your business or premises. Most insurance policies will require you to have some sort of proof of forced entry into a facility. Whatever lock system you choose, it’s important to make sure the burglar will spend a few minutes and work hard to get in. So, check with your local locksmith to see what type of door lock is best for your premises.


Do you have a safe?

Thieves these days are very clever and can easily break into your retail store. And the last thing you want is for them to easily be able to access your cash box, right? Many stores keep their day’s cash in the store and wait until the end of the week to bank it. And for that reason, you should invest in a high-security safe to store your cash in. If you want extra security, it’s recommended to store the safe in a secure section of the store, ideally behind another locked door. Doing this will make the burglar’s task extra difficult and time-consuming.


These tips might not completely eliminate burgling but it can reduce your store’s chances of being robbed. So, make use of an alarm system and modern apparatuses like security cameras.


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