How to get people into your store



How to get people into your store

The retail market is an extremely competitive one and as a retail store owner, your business thrives off your customer base and maintaining their loyalty. It’s all about getting people into your store to interact with your brand experience and having them return because of it. So, besides having an amazing product line, there are a few other ways that you can communicate and present yourself in order to get people through your doors.  



You can’t expect high traffic volumes in store if people aren’t aware that you exist in the first place. Your business won’t go very far if you rely on passers-by alone. That’s why your marketing efforts should be a priority to get your name out there and announce promotions that will intrigue the local audience. Whether you choose a combination of social media, email and traditional poster advertising campaigns, make sure you aren’t only marketing in your immediate vicinity but are increasing your reach as far as the budget allows. You need to be confident that your product is what people are wanting and willing to travel for.  


From the outside

After your marketing campaigns, your storefront is where your customers (including potential customers) will form their first impressions of your brand. Customers can be excited about going to your store after seeing a sponsored Instagram post, but do you think they will be as excited to walk inside if they arrive to find a face brick building with small windows and an A4 laminated sign saying, “Come on in”. Unless your tactic is to make people feel like they might be walking into a scam retail store… no. Just no.

You can’t go wrong with glass as a storefront. Glass industrial sliding doors and large, clear glass windows provide a view into your store – a view to where the products are. It’s what they came for so, why not give them a visual taste of what it’s like inside? It’s also a good idea to incorporate elements of your brand in your storefront so that customers can distinguish that it’s your store without any doubts. Make the most of your logo, signage and brand colours on the outside of your store.

Another good idea would be to continue your marketing campaign with temporary sign boards placed outside your store that correlate with your posters. This will make customers feel comfortable about being in the right place and possibly even feel exclusive in their understanding of the message because of their following on your social media post. It all forms part of the brand and customer experience, both of which are vital in standing out in the retail world.


Give them a reason

Now that they’re outside your store, you need to get them inside. They obviously didn’t come all that way not to go inside (if they were attracted by your marketing campaigns), but you should, nonetheless, give them another reason to step inside. Think about passersby as well in this regard. Why should they walk into your shop instead of straight past and towards their usual outlets?

Whether you have a welcoming face by the front doors handing out promotional vouchers or flyers, a limited-time flash sale or an in-store activation, let the people know and that will encourage them to come inside, explore and interact. Catching their eye is the first step to holding their business.


Consistency inside and out

It’s important to convey the same brand messages inside your store as you do on the outside – including your marketing campaigns. Consistency will ensure that the customers in your store can trust you and what you have to say as a business. If your walk matches your talk, there’s no reason for customers to doubt your capabilities and quality promises.

Don’t confuse your customers by presenting yourself one way online and another in store. If your brand colour is blue, don’t crowd your store with green accents, that makes no sense. Stay consistent with every brand element in every communication channel concerning your business.


Keep your name on the tip of their tongues

Following the customer journey through to conversion doesn’t mean that your efforts stop there. You want them to return and, preferably, bring their friends. To achieve this, you need to keep your name on the tip of their tongues. Encourage them to follow your social media profiles or subscribe to your newsletter (don’t just ask but give them an incentive to do so) and make sure you do your part by keeping them updated and alerted on what’s happening in store and with the brand as well.  


And then we’ve come full circle with more marketing efforts. But that’s what you’ve got to do if you want to get people into your store.