Prioritising home shopping – where to start?

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Prioritising home shopping – where to start?

Moving into a new place is the start of a new adventure (super exciting). The start of something new, a step towards independence and all that jazz. But the important part (after shopping around for a house) is shopping for things to go inside your house.

Where does one begin? How do you prioritise where you spend your money when you’re just starting out and need, just about, everything?


Odds and ends

Well, if you’re going to be honest with yourself, you should have started years ago with random odds and ends. The “bottom drawer” concept starts at an age when all you can think about is having your own place. Or it starts in the moment you walk into a home store “just because” and buy something that you have absolutely no use for in this current moment.

But if you’re being smart about it, you’re not going to start buying your kettles, toasters, irons and smaller appliances to store in your cupboard before you have a place to put them in. Odds and ends include more decorative and essential things like cushions, glasses, mugs, decorative bowls in all the different sizes that are only good for display and holding change purposes.

So, this is where you should have started home shopping… a good few years ago. You’d have a substantial collection of goods by now and it would have saved you from these one-time costs that are about to hit your accounts. But for now, let’s prioritise what needs to be bought first.



First thing’s first, there’s no point in buying a whole lot of nice new things for your home, only for your house to be broken into and your things stolen. Security measures are priority and expense number one. Find a security company and install an alarm, security beams, fencing, security gate and maybe even a dog.

Secure your home and then you can move on.


Theme and paint

This is an optional priority. It will just make it easier for you to decide on furniture and products when the time comes and having predetermined themes and paint colours for every room will save the argument on which colour Smeg products need to be bought for the kitchen.

If you can plan your rooms in advance, you’ll save a lot of time in the stores and money on buying one of every colour.


Chores and all

Think about the chores you had to do back home. They’re now daily to weekly activities for you to do around your own house, like washing the dishes and doing the laundry. There are certain things you need in order to carry out these chores to make sure you have what you need to get yourself through the week.

  • Dishes: If you’re going to be washing by hand, then you don’t need to worry too much about getting a couple of sponges and cleaning liquid. But if your family is slightly bigger, you’re going to need a dishwasher. Find one that’s suitable for your lifestyle and the number of dishes you use throughout the week. Make sure you invest in one as soon as you can because it will make your life easier.
  • Laundry: What about when you had to do the laundry? It included a washing machine, tumble dryer, a clothesline, an ironing board and an iron, did it not? You could always make use of a laundromat, but, in the long term, you’ll be saving money if you buy the appliances for yourself. And you need your laundry, there’s no way around that fact.


Bedroom things

The next thing on your prioritised home shopping list, should be the things you need in your bedroom. As it is your place of rest, having a suitable bed, mattress and pillows will make the world of difference. Also, who doesn’t love their bed?

Once your bed is sorted, make sure you have built-in cupboards (or some sort of clothing storage unit) and a mirror. Then you can move on to the next room. Bedside tables, dressing tables, lamps, desks and everything else can wait until the rest of your house has its essentials.


Kitchen necessities

Next, you’re going to need to cook and eat food every day, so it’s important that your kitchen necessities are high on your home-shopping list. Your biggest expense will be on a fridge/freezer and an oven/hob.

The other necessary kitchen things include pots, pans, crockery and cutlery. And maybe some glasses and mugs if you plan on drinking anything with those home-cooked meals.


Seating is essential

Everybody needs to sit somewhere. And there’s nothing worse than being a guest in someone else's home and having to politely stand during the entire visit. For that and comfort reasons, seating is essential wherever possible in the house.

Dining room chairs, lazy boys, lounge suites, ottomans and single-armed chairs are all seating options to scatter around the lounge, dining room and bedrooms. Let the people have a seat and take in the wonder that is your new home.

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