Best tricks for interaction at car mall activations

car mall activationscar mall activations
car mall activationscar mall activations

Best tricks for interaction at car mall activations

“Cars in malls” is not a natural combination for most minds. Nonetheless, car mall activations have been around for quite some time now and it definitely catches shoppers’ eyes. Their first thought is usually “I wonder how they got the car inside”, followed by “it must be so cool to drive a car inside a mall”.  After that, they can start focussing on the car displayed and what’s actually being offered.

As with most mall activations, it requires a certain type of brand ambassador and promoter to draw people in and get them to listen up for a few minutes. The main difference with car activations, however, is they are, generally, less invasive than skin and beauty product activations, for example. Many people like cars and, more often than not, they come up to the activation and take a closer look.

We’ll be discussing a few tricks on how to get the most interaction out of “just looking” viewers for car mall activations.


Choose the mall with the car in mind

Most of the cars displayed in malls are the latest or best-selling models. There isn’t much leeway in terms of which car you will be promoting in the activation. What you do have control over, however, is which mall you’ll be activating in.

It’s important to choose the mall with the car in mind and not the other way around because malls tend to have a target audience of shoppers. For example, wanting to promote and sell the newest Jaguar F-type won’t be as successful in Cape Gate as it would be in the V&A Waterfront.

You need to decide what the goal of this activation is and choose your mall accordingly.


Open the car on display

Whenever you’re physically present at the activation, there’s no need to have the car locked and fumble for the keys when people want to see inside. Keep the car open. Open the doors, the boot, the windows and the sunroof (if there is one). This way you’re literally inviting people inside the car, which will be your cue to start a conversation and encourage a sale.

Plus, you’d rather have people stick their heads in the car than dirty the windows with their hands trying to see what’s inside. It also makes them feel more invested in the car if they can jump in and sit in it.


Have handouts

Who doesn’t love a freebie? And preferably a little something more than a brochure and a business card. Get potential buyers even more excited about the prospect of a new car with a business card, brochure and car-branded keyring or pen. It may be the part of the brand experience they were looking for to confirm their desire to purchase.

It also gives a feeling of exclusivity of being a part of a community. And if keyrings and pens are out of the budget, what about branded cupcakes? Those will also work. Maybe you should throw them in the mix anyway. That will definitely drive interaction with the activation.


Be the calm, cool and collected car dealer

The problem with mall activations is that sales representatives are too eager to grab your attention and that makes everyone uncomfortable. You need to come across friendly and unoffended if not approached, not desperate and irritated at the lack of response.

Remember, you’re a car dealer (or at least more than just a brand representative). You know how to close deals, recall the vehicle’s facts and tailor the sale to the consumer’s needs. And although your environment may be different in the mall setting, your car dealing skills should remain the same. People will be more inclined to interact with a car dealer than a student doing promotions for extra money.

As a car dealer, you know everything there is to know about the car (and cars in general). And while your goal may not be to make on the spot sales (although, anything is possible), you can still get potential buyers as excited about the prospect of a buy as you are. Mall activation conversions include a sign-up, an “I’m interested, send me more information” email and, every now and then, an “I want it”.


Use digital to attract

Talking to people can be an intimidating interaction and it’s not really about the conversation, it’s about the car. You’ll scare potentials away if you try to start conversations with them while they’re walking past. Even more so if you purposely try and catch their eyes with yours to “naturally” initiate an interaction.

Technology exists, so use it! Digital aspects in activations are trending at the moment and if you can have screens displaying promotional facts about the car on display, half of your job is already done. People can then (comfortably) approach the activation, watch the video and move around the car before coming to you for more information.

You shouldn’t force an interaction with a car mall activation. The point of this article is to give you ways in which you can automatically attract people towards it.

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