The health benefits of cycling

health benefits - cyclinghealth benefits - cycling
health benefits - cyclinghealth benefits - cycling


The health benefits of cycling

Cycling is a sport that is enjoyed by many, both on a casual and a competitive basis. It is a sport which allows you to spend time outdoors while getting in a good amount of exercise. While some of us might see it as a nuisance it can be highly beneficial to your health to take up cycling. You will find an array of bike parts online and instore to start your cycling journey. Read on below to find out the health benefits of cycling.


It can help boost your intelligence

It has been shown that exercise helps to boost your intelligence. This is because it helps to improve the blood flow to the brain and with cycling, this is two-fold. When you are pedalling, you are forcing nerve cells to fire and these neurons intensify the creation of proteins that your brain needs to function.

You are also releasing neurotransmitters, which send messages to and from your brain and your body cells, which makes for faster communication between these cells. This is especially beneficial for older people who want to improve their memory and decrease ‘brain fog’, as new neurotransmitters can be created with the help of exercise. You will be able to retain more memories and your mind will feel refreshed and renewed after a cycling session.


It helps to develop your muscles

Yes, cycling does help to develop your leg muscles but it can also help immensely in building muscle across your body.  Cyclists tend to have strong backs and cores, as they are continually holding their bodies up and keeping them taut to deal with any bumps in the road or a change of speed on the route.

Steering the bike helps to build arm and shoulder muscles and pedalling works the hamstrings, the gluteus maximus muscles, the thighs and the calves, meaning that your legs will become strong and lean while the rest of your body is built-up too. For people who have hip problems, cycling can help to build these muscles too, helping to diminish pain and build up strength in older people.


Your productivity will increase

A study has shown that employees who exercise before work or during lunch have better time management skills and lower stress levels, and what easier way to exercise at these times of day than to take a bike ride to and from a store or simply around the block?

Your motivation will improve, you will be able to handle your workload better and you might even find your interpersonal skills improving after a quick cycle around the office block. Look for bike parts online which make it easier for you to store your bike on the office premises. Being able to go for a ride at lunch will allow you to clear your head, get some fresh air and arrive back at work feeling ready to tackle any new challenges the day might hold.


Slim down and tone up

It is a well-known fact that any form of exercise can help to lose weight, but cycling is one that helps with this and more. With cycling, most of your weight is taken by the saddle which is different to running, where the bulk of your weight is taken on by your shins, calves and ankles.

You will be able to tone your entire body once you become more accustomed to cycling, as mentioned above you will tone your core and you will slim down your legs and stomach area. Cycling is an effective way to lose weight without having to jog across muddy fields or bumpy roads. You can experience the fresh air and challenge yourself to tackle hills and difficult terrain, all while losing centimetres and toning your body at the same time.


Increase your lung capacity

Your lungs will work considerably harder while you are cycling, which is important for building up their capacity and strength. An adult cycling uses up to ten times the oxygen they would need to sit in front of the TV and watch an episode of their favourite show.

This will enable your lungs and cardiovascular system to become stronger over time, which is a major health benefit of cycling. Being able to breathe easier and calmer once you are accustomed to cycling will mean that you can endure longer rides and tougher terrain. You will be able to do more exercise for less effort with the same results.


Create quality time with family and friends

Cycling is a social sport. Many people start cycling with their families and friends, which helps not only your physical health but your etal health too. Be sure that you bring spare bike parts with you on every trip in case of a puncture or accident, and always bring enough water for the duration of your ride. You will soon see changes in your body and feel healthier, happier and more mentally alert. Cycling is a fantastic form of exercise that you should look into if you want something different to the gym.

health benefits - cycling