KZN manufacturers supply quality locally made products

Out of Wood Furniture
Out of Wood Furniture

Image Caption: Out of Wood Furniture.

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KZN South Coast manufacturers provide local supply of quality-made products

The supply chain disruptions over the past few years have emphasised the value of self-reliant economies and the inherent value of supporting local manufacturers. The South Coast Tourism and Investment Enterprise (SCTIE) is promoting this movement on the KZN South Coast through its Buy Local movement, with many quality local manufacturers already enjoying membership benefits.

“Manufacturing is one of the KZN South Coast’s key growth sectors, and we’re fortunate to have a variety of businesses – both established and emerging – providing the local economy with quality manufactured goods,” commented Phelisa Mangcu, CEO of SCTIE.

“We encourage our KZN South Coast residents and businesses to consider ‘buying local’ at every opportunity. By visiting our website, they can easily access contact details and information about these Buy Local businesses and purchase directly from these local manufacturers. Many people don’t realise just what’s available on their doorstep! The success and sustainability of these businesses will create more jobs for locals while strengthening the local economy for future resilience.”

KZN South Coast Buy Local Manufacturers

1. Good to Glow Beauty & Cosmetics

Products: Skin products, satin bonnets, and pillowcases

Location: Fairview


2. Obendalo Organics

Products: Skin products

Location: Port Shepstone


3. 2Londe Ltd

Products: Detergents

Location: Izotsha


4. Out of Wood Furniture

Products: Custom-made furniture

Location: Margate


5. Surejoy Industries

Products: Timber

Location: Harding


6. Zurri Skin

Products: Skin products

Location: Amandawe


Louise Mdluli, Director of Obendalo Organics said: “We make organic and natural skincare products including charcoal and tea tree face bars, rosewater face toners, and healing night serums. Our unique selling point is that we offer free facials to customers!”

Another skincare manufacturer and Buy Local member is Sinegugu Cele, Owner of Good to Glow: “The products were created after I had a medical skin condition in 2019 from using over-the-counter products that lightened my skin. I decided to investigate natural, less harsh ingredients and that’s when I discovered the magical power of raw Shea butter.”

She says local brands can compete with the best in the market: “I aim to show people you don’t have to be a big brand, simply prioritise quality and customer experience. I registered with Buy Local to get more exposure and to market my brand to locals and tourists supporting KZN South Coast businesses.”

Buy Local

To purchase goods sold or secure services from these and other Buy Local businesses visit the online directory on the SCTIE website. To order from Buy Local members or to join the campaign, visit the Buy Local tag at or click here ( for a membership form.

Investment Support

To find out more about these and other investment opportunities, get in touch with SCTIE, the KZN South Coast’s One-Stop Shop for investment. Contact SCTIE on 039 682 7944, email or visit

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